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As an innovator in the conference and entertainment industry, Grand Prix Karting is home to the largest indoor karting track in the country.   Our 120,000 square foot facility is equipped to accommodate all of your event planning needs.


When you host your conference, meeting, or other special corporate outing, Grand Prix Karting can arrange every detail, from the food, meeting space, extras, and thrilling entertainment that leaves everyone smiling.

The total cost of the event depends on what you want to include such as event space, food, beverage, audio visual, swag bags, etc.  Contact the GPK Event Manager for more information.


GPK has several meeting rooms available, from our Indy Room to our Nascar Room to our Top Fuel Room we are sure to have a room to suit your conference and meeting needs!


Experience real competitive racing. By design, these races do not offer equal track time for every participant; only the top racers advance after the qualifying heat. If you are looking for equal drive time for each participant, choose a group RIDING SESSION.
*To qualify for member pricing, one or more drivers must be a GPK annual member.
All group activities require a minimum of 10 drivers. Add’l drivers at per driver price listed.

Super Sprint:
All drivers start with a practice session which gives them a chance to get used to the karts and the track (and to size up the competition!)  After the practice session comes the qualifying session.  During this session, it’s all about the fastest lap time. The fastest drivers participate in the feature race and the first to cross the finish line wins. Top three finalists attend the award ceremony to receive a prestigious medal and bragging rights.

  • 8 min. practice; everyone participates
  • 8 min. qualifier; everyone participates
  • 8 min. feature race; only fastest participate

Grand Prix:
Sensing some steep competition among your group? The Grand Prix Race is the answer! Each participant has a practice session to get used to the karts and the track.  Next, all drivers head to the qualifying session, which is all about fastest lap time.  After the qualifying session, each group grids up for the heat race.  The heat race will determine the top drivers for the feature race. Top three finalists attend the award ceremony on the Championship podium and receive a prestigious medal & bragging rights

  • 8 min. practice; everyone participates
  • 8 min. qualifier; everyone participates
  • 8 min. heat race; everyone participates
  • 8 min. feature heat; only fastest participants

Looking for the thrill of kart racing without the competitive elimination heats leaving the slower drivers out of the next session? Group Riding Sessions give every member of your group the same amount of riding time.

• Each session is 8 minutes of drive time.
• Purchase the number of sessions per driver that fits your schedule, minimum of 10 participants.

To book group riding events, complete the event inquiry form below or call 614-246-3278 ext 242

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