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The Rooms


221B – BOOK NOW! Difficulty Rating – 3 out of 5 

It’s the 1880’s in London and an elite local socialite has been accused of murder.  The greatest detective mind of the Victorian era has disappeared.  A friend delivers you a package with a cryptographic message.  Now it’s up to you and your team to find the evidence before it’s too late.

Customer Reviews:

“…unique and authentic. The technology was seamless.” Sandra T.

“What a great genre…working together to solve the clues was fun!” Gregory S.

“Well put together and decorated. I felt like I was in London!” Henry T.




PANDEMIC BOOK NOW! Difficulty Rating – 4 out of 5

As a medical investigator you’re no stranger to exploring unusual activities.  When you are informed of the increased consumption of volatile chemicals at a local medical facility, you realize the situation might be more dangerous than it appears.  Now you and a team of investigators will have only 60 minutes to discover the lab’s true purpose and hopefully stop the next PANDEMIC!

Customer Reviews:

“The adrenaline in each of us made (Pandemic) Crazy fun!” Rachael P.

“Most. Fun. Ever.” Shawn R.

“Challenging and fun…was a great experience.” Tara G.


RED SCARE – BOOK NOW! Difficulty Rating – 5 out of 5

It’s the 1980’s and Cold War tensions have been escalating between the superpowers.  State-sponsored espionage and political influence are at its highest point in decades.  The President is seeking re-election and campaigning in the local area.  As a member of an elite FBI Investigative team, you’ve been tasked to explore reports of unusual activities at a local business.  With less than an hour until the president’s visit, will you expose the plot and solve the mystery?

Customer Reviews:

“I loved being a spy!” Christy A.

“New Challenges at every turn and something for everyone to do!” Eve D.

“Cool props! Puzzles were interesting and challenging!” Krista C.






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