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Sure we’ve got the facilities to meet your banquet and meeting needs, but let’s be honest, it’s the venue that will ensure attendees arrive promptly and be eager to participate.  Whether your needs are simply a space to meet, a private conference room, or you need ample room to display a new car model, large power equipment, or other impressive products, GPK Indoor Entertainment has space for you!

Our 120,000 square foot facility, with flexible meeting spaces including traditional classroom settings to a track-side view, can accommodate up to 250+ people! And, we will arrange all the extras you need to make your conference a success!  Contact our GPK Events Team to get started today.

Private Facility Rentals
Both of our race tracks, the new tactical Laser Tag Arena, our KIDZone, and each of (or all three) of our Escape Rooms can be rented individually or together to meet the needs of your next event. You can rent the tracks individually or combine both tracks to create the nation’s longest indoor Supertrack, a half mile of thrilling twists and turns htat you can’t find anywhere else. You can also just rent the Modern Laser Warfare Arena and have series of customized missions developed just for your team’s needs. Not enough? Buyout the entire facility and have it all to yourself, making it an surefire event to be remembered. Contact the GPK Events Team for a custom quote today!




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