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Adult Races : (Ages 16+)
1 Race – $21.99*
3 Races – $57.99*
5 Races – $94.99*

*Members receive a 10% Discount

Junior Races : (Ages 8-15)

1 Race – $17.99*
3 Races – $47.99*
5 Races – $77.99*

*Members receive a 10% Discount

Kiddie Electric Karts – $5


Contact the Events Team for Group Event pricing, events@GPKcolumbus.com  or Event Inquiry Form

Last race must be purchased by closing time.

Click here for Opening and Closing times.

All drivers 16 years and over need a valid ID (Drivers License or State ID Card).
All drivers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  If the parent or guardian is not present with the minor, a notarized copy of the waiver signed by the parent or guardian must be provided. OR, if a notarized copy is not accessible, a signed copy of the waiver by the parent or guardian along with a copy of the parent or guardian’s valid driver’s license will be acceptable.

Adult karts: 16 years old or older with a valid ID AND 55″ tall.
Junior karts: 8-17 years old  AND 48″ tall and under 200 pounds.
Kiddie karts:   4-7 yrs old and under 100 pounds.  No minimum height is required for kiddie karts.

We provide safety equipment; helmet, headsock and neck brace.
Close-toed shoes are required (no flip flops, open toe, etc)
No loose fitting clothing, scarves or draping items.
Hair needs to be secured with a hair tie and tucked into the helmet.
Leave your cell phone in the car or in a locker.

Yes. Full face D.O.T. racing helmets with a non-tinted functioning face shield are required.
The GPK staff have the final say on allowing any gear or clothing item to be worn on the track.

Adult kart riders must be under 300 lbs, junior kart riders under 200 lbs, and Kiddie kart racers need to be under 100 lbs.

Our adult Sodi karts reach speeds approaching 40 mph.  Junior karts reach speeds over 20 mph.  Kiddie Karts go up to 4 mph.

YES!  Membership is not required to race. However, members save 10% on racing and laser tag, in addition to getting a free race on their birthday. $25 pays for 12 months of membership for Adults and Juniors

Most of our track time is for Arrive and Drive racers. Private parties & facility buyouts are happening constantly, so be sure to check out GPKcolumbus.com and our event Calendar to make sure the track is open to the public.  You can also call during regular hours to confirm track availability or to schedule a group event: 614-2GO-FAST.

The answer is YES, if you are a member. Reservations are NOT required during arrive and drive open racing time, which is most of the time we are open. Members may call to make same day race reservations if they have unused race credits on their active account.  Please allow 2 hour notice.  Reservations may be limited to the number of remaining prepaid races on your account.  The reservation works similar to a dinner reservation, it is approximate.  We are unable to hold a race heat if you are not present.  Don’t be late!  You still need to arrive in time to register.  Your account will be charged for the reservation if you are late and the heat is released prior to your arrival. We’ll do the best we can to reschedule you in a later heat if available.  Any scheduled races that go unused that day will be forfeited without refund. To receive a full refund, cancellation of a reservation must be made with a 24 hour advance notice.  We are unable, typically, to make reservations for back to back heats.  Reservations may be limited during peak times.

ZERO TOLERANCE!  We take the terms of our insurance policy, and every racer’s safety, very seriously!  Drinking and driving is a crime punishable by law.  We follow the law regarding drinking and driving. You will forfeit your race sessions and not be permitted to drive if you are suspected to have been drinking.  Our track lead or facility manager reserves the right to deny driving privileges to anyone who is suspected of being impaired due to alcohol or drugs.  Racing sessions will not be refunded due to breaking the law, and our policy, regarding drinking and driving. No outside alcohol is permitted to be brought into the facility. While we do serve alcoholic beverages in our café, they may not be consumed prior to racing. Indoor karting is REAL racing, not an amusement ride.

Grand Prix Karting strives to safely accommodate everyone who wants to race.  There are adjustments we may be able to make to safely seat you behind the wheel; contact us ahead of time if you have concerns so that we may determine if we can meet your need for speed.  Driving during the week, rather than a busy weekend, may allow more personalized attention to specific individual needs. We’re here to help you meet every driver’s need for speed!

All adult races are 8 minutes long and junior races are 6 minutes. We don’t base your sessions on laps, which means as you get faster, you’ll get more laps around the track for your money.

Grand Prix Karting exists to exceed your need for speed, while promoting good sportsmanship, responsible driving, and reasonably safe conditions.  The integrity of our fleet is maintained by enforcing the following rules: Drivers shall follow all safety rules and regulations provided during the safety briefing, verbal and non verbal commands from track staff, and flag commands.  Any driver exhibiting unsafe or aggressive/wreckless use of the kart will be flagged verbally or with the use of a black flag.  The driver is to immediately stop the vehicle and follow the instructions of the track staff.  Repeat offenders, which shall be determined by track staff and management, will be asked to leave without the benefit of a refund of race sessions.  At the discretion of the management, termination of membership may result with or without refund.

Yes!  Grand Prix Karting uses video surveillance equipment to help ensure the safety of all guests and property at all times.  Please know that management reviews the footage periodically, and consults with the mechanic and other staff in the event that a driver is suspected to have damaged a kart intentionally or due to driver negligence.  If such determination is made, the customer may be held accountable for the cost of repairs to the kart and other property, as deemed appropriate.

We make getting in the action easy: contact the GPK Event Team to get started!
(614) 2GO-FAST  |  events@GPKcolumbus.com | Event Inquiry