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Grand Prix Karting & Modern Laser Warfare

Rules & Regulations:

Grand Prix Karting exists to exceed your need for speed, while promoting good sportsmanship and responsible driving.  We take your entertainment very seriously!  The integrity of our fleet is maintained by enforcing the following rules:

1. A waiver and release of liability form must be completed and signed by each driver prior to getting on the track.  No exceptions.

2.  All drivers under the age 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian who is present with the driver.  If the parent/guardian is not present with the minor, a notarized copy of the waiver signed by the parent/guardian must be provided OR a signed copy of the waiver by the parent/guardian along with a copy of the parent/guardian’s valid driver’s license.

3. Adult karts: drivers MUST be 55″ tall AND 16 years old or older with a valid driver’s license AND under 300 pounds.

4. Junior karts: drivers MUST be 8 years old or older AND 48″ tall AND under 200 pounds.

5. Kiddie karts:  drivers must be 4-7 yrs old and under 100 pounds.  No minimum height is required for kiddie karts.

6. All drivers must attend a GPK safety briefing upon each visit; members need to attend one briefing per year at minimum, or as requested by GPK staff.

7. You may NOT drive the karts if you have: a heart condition, are pregnant, have had a recent illness, or have a history of head, back, or neck ailments.   Persons under the influence of intoxicants will not be allowed to operate any kart.

8. All drivers must wear closed toe shoes.

9. Loose hair must be secured under the helmet.

10. A GPK helmet must be worn at all times while driving.  DOT approved helmets will be acceptable upon inspection by GPK staff.  All racers must be able to wear a helmet (which we provide or your own full-faced helmet) and fit in the kart seat with the safety harness attached.  If you choose to wear your own helmet, it must have a CLEAR UNTINTED visor and be DOT/Snell approved.  Full-faced “dirt” helmets are acceptable with CLEAR UNTINTED goggles or glasses.

11. Any driver exhibiting unsafe or aggressive/reckless use of the kart will be flagged verbally or with the use of a black flag.  The driver is to immediately stop the vehicle and follow the instructions of the track staff.  Repeat offenders, as determined by track staff and management, will be asked to leave without the benefit of a refund of race sessions.  At the discretion of the management, termination of membership may result with or without refund.

12. Flags are a non verbal form of communicating safety and rules.  Drivers are to heed the flags and follow the direction of each flag when waved.

13. No driver shall stop on the track for any reason at any time.

14. Do not enter or exit the go karts or begin driving until instructed to do so by an attendant.

15. Drivers shall remain seated with seat belts fastened at all times, unless instructed otherwise by attendant.

16. Hands and feet must be kept inside the kart at all times.

17. Alcohol:  We are committed to ensuring strict adherence to our insurance policy requirements and the state law regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs.  Drinking and driving is a crime punishable by law.  You will forfeit your race sessions and not be permitted to drive if you are suspected to have been drinking.  Our track lead or facility manager reserves the right to deny driving privileges to anyone who is suspected of being impaired due to alcohol or drugs.  Racing sessions will not be refunded due to breaking the law, and our policy, regarding drinking and driving. No outside alcohol is permitted to be brought into the facility. While we do serve alcoholic beverages in our café, they may not be consumed prior to racing. Indoor karting is REAL racing, not an amusement ride.

18. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

19. Cameras/ video: Grand Prix Karting uses video surveillance equipment to help ensure the safety of all guests and property at all times.  Please know that management reviews the footage periodically, and consults with the mechanic and other staff in the event that a driver is suspected to have damaged a kart intentionally or driven negligently, causing damage or foreseeable risk to other.  If such determination is made, the driver may be held accountable for the cost of repairs to the kart and other property, as deemed appropriate by GPK staff.

20. Drivers shall follow all safety rules and regulations provided during the safety briefing, verbal and non verbal commands from track staff, and respect the meaning of all flags.

The Grand Prix Karting Waiver is required for all people participating in kart racing, entering and standing in the pit area and entering and standing in the racing area.  Minors must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian and a copy of the parents valid ID.  Group event participates are strongly encouraged to bring in the signed waiver at registration.  Click on the link to print the waiver.GPK Waiver